Lemongrass Bar Soap 4 oz.


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Lemongrass, a clean lemony smelling plant, has been used to scent cleaning supplies as well as act as a staple ingredient in the kitchen for countless years. Originating in Sri Lanka, South India, and the tropical regions of the Americas and Asia, Lemongrass is a favorite for much of the cuisine in those parts of the world. But more than just an ingredient within the traditional dishes, Lemongrass has established itself as a medical foundation and favorite. Its many characteristics lend themselves to making Lemongrass indispensable to the population that relies upon natural healing methods and has for thousands of years.

The clean fresh scent that is attached to Lemongrass, combined with its healing attributes, has made it a treasured choice within the essential oil industry as well as the cleaning industry. The popularity of its scent has made it an everyday necessity for people. Izee Native took this love and popularity and created an organic, biodegradable soap that embodies all the beautiful attributes of Lemongrass.

In the form of a sturdy hand-cut bar, the Lemongrass soap is made with organic Sunflower, Safflower, and Coconut Oils producing a natural moisturization unknown to your skin till now. Combined and balanced with essential oils such as Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rosemary, Lime, Sage, and Bergamot, Izee gives you the perfect soap. Biodegradable, this soap gives the people who call the outdoors their true homes an option for an eco-friendly way of keeping clean after a long day on the trail with amazing soothing scents. 

Izee Native products help people live a simple, healthier life by connecting with nature through native plants and natural wellness solutions. The Lemongrass Bar Soap combines the exotic and luxurious nature of the Sri Lanka and Indian peoples, with the environmentally aware and wilderness-loving people from the beautiful state of Montana.

Made on the banks of the clear flowing Blackfoot River in Bonner, Montana USA, these bars are from small, handcrafted batches and carefully hand-cut before packaged in individual boxes made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled materials.

Made with 85% organic ingredients No synthetic colors or scents are used.


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